Christos Bokoros was born in 1956 in Agrinio, where he spent his childhood and adolescence. At the age of 19 he moved to Komotini, to study Law at the Democritus University of Thrace (1975 – 1979). Following his graduation and a brief period of introspection, he crossed the threshold of the School of Fine Arts in Athens (1983-1989). As a boy, he was already well into painting. His first exhibition took place in the mid-‘80s. In the studio of Kalidromiou street, in the Strefi hill, he created the series “Apprenticeship in Reality”. During the 90s’, in Aristodimou street, close to the Lycabettus hill, he attempted to portray the “Common memory” and the “Temptations of the invisible”; light and darkness. In 2002 he moved to Kastella in Piraeus where he lives and works ever since. In 2004, with the group of works titled “Impenetrable forest”, he addressed the thorny legacy  of the World War II Greek Resistance and the ensuing Civil War years. In 2013 he presented the “Bare Essentials” at the Pireos street venue of the Benaki Museum, a call for a modest prosperity, and the rediscovery of measure in our everyday life. There, in 2016, followed his exhibition “Glimpses of the Οbscure”, a retrospective of his work of thirty years. Two hundred years after the Greek Upheaval of 1821, he returns to the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, with “The Feast”.



The Feast
ATHENS, Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

Catalogue / Texts: Christos Bokoros, Curators: Manos Dimitrakopoulos, Con/nos Papachristou


Ascetic excercises
PATMOS, Cave of the Apocalypse

Painting at the Municipality Theater of Piraeus
PIRAEUS, Municipality Theater

KASTELORIZO, Municipal Hall of Megisti

KERATOKAMPOS CRETE, Viannos Art Gallery “Savvas Petrakis”


Heroic Resurrectional
PALLINI, Ellinogermaniki Agogi


Common signs
NAFPLIO, National Gallery
Illustrated leaflet / text: Ch.T. Bokoros, G. Tertsetis

ATHENS, Benaki Museum


Glimpses of the Obscure
ATHENS, Benaki Museum
Catalogue / text : Ch.T. Bokoros

The bare essentials
MOSCOW, Museum of Modern Art
Catalogue / text : Ch.T.Bokoros

Christos Bokoros / Painting
ANTIPAROS, “Anti” art gallery
Catalogue / text : Ch.T.Bokoros


On the exodus
AITOLIKO, Vasso Katraki Museum
Catalogue / text : Ch.T. Bokoros

The bare essentials
PIRAEUS, Municipal Theater
Catalogue / text : Ch.T. Bokoros

The bare essentials
AGRINIO, Public Market
Catalogue / text : Ch.T. Bokoros


The bare essentials
SYROS, Cultural Center of Hermoupolis
Catalogue / text : Ch.T. Bokoros

On the way to the bare essentials
CASCAIS (Portugal), Fundação Dom Luís I.
organization: R.S. Mesquita and the Greek Embassy of Lisbon
Catalogue / text : ambassdor P. Kalogeropoulos, V. Koukouma


The bare essentials
ATHENS, Benaki Museum
first presentation of the body of works entitled “The bare essentials”
Catalogue / text: M.Z. Kopidakis, Ch. T. Bokoros


Sign of Freedom / Veria 1912-2021
VERIA, Byzantine Museum
part of the anniversary program for the city’s 100 years of liberation
Illustrated leaflet

Freedom Street
NICOSIA, The Office Gallery
group of works dedicated to Cyprus’ years of occupation and segregation
Illustrated leaflet / texts: Tasos Gekas, Ch.T. Bokoros


Greece in the Second World War
CONSTANTINOPLE, Sismanogleio Megaron of the Greek Consulate
group of works dedicated to the “price” Greece had paid during the Second World War
Curatorship: Vasilis Bornovas, General Consul of Greece


Impenetrable Forest / Viniani 2004
ATHENS, Zoumpoulakis Gallery
Tribute to the Greek Resistance and Civil war
Catalogue / Text: Michel Fais


Passing from darkness to light
Chania, Tzamia – Krystalla art space


Patmos / opening to light and to darkness
ATHENS, Stathatos Mansion, Museum of Cycladic Art
15 works – part of “2002 Calendar” by AGET HRAKLIS

Transformation – From Darkness to Light
HONG-KONG, Exhibition’s venue of the Municipality
Tribute to the 100years of China Light, local Electricity Company
Curatorship: YOHIFI, Nagel Cameron / catalogue


The landscape of hinterland
ANDROS, P.& M. Kudoniefs Foundation
retrospective of the years 1986-2000
Curatorship: Athena Schina / catalogue

Exhibition in Agrinio
AGRINIO, old tobacco factory of Papastratos brothers
retrospective of the years 1986-1999
Organization: Municipality Theater of Agrinio
Catalogue / Texts: Martha Christofoglou


Raft of escaping
CHANIA, Tzamia – Krystalla art space
Illustrated leaflet


ATHENS, Zoumpoulakis Gallery


Painting by Ch. Bokoros
HONG-KONG, The Rotunda, Exchange Square
Curatorship / Catalogue: Nagel Cameron


Parable of the olive tree
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis Gallery
Catalogue / Texts: Ch.T. Bokoros


ATHENS / GLYFADA, Ekfrasis art spce


Painting 1987-1990
ATHENS, ORA cultural center

Catalogue / Texts: Ch.T. Bokoros


Painting 1984-1987
ATHENS, Gallery of Contemporary Art



Suspended seat
NICOSIA,The Office Gallery within the walls
Curator: Tasos Gekas

Ellenico Plurale
ROME, Complesso del Vittoriano
works from the Sotiris Felios collection
Curator: Guliano Serafini / catalogue


Tribute to Alexandros Papadiamantis
AGRINIO, Neorion art space
Curator: Christos Garoufalis / Catalogue

Odysseus Elytis & Painting 
ATHENS, Theocharaki Foundation
Curator: Takis Mavrotas / Catalogue

Illuminated shadows 
VENICE Instituto Ellenico di Studi Bizantini e Postbizantini
Curator: Guliano Serafini / Catalogue


Contemporary Greek Painting
CONSTANTINOPLE, Sismanogleio Megaro of the Greek Cosulate
works from the Sothiris Felios collection


The sight of time / Stories of images
ATHENS, Benaki Museum
works from the Sotiris Felios collection
Curator: Irini Orati / Catalogue

Ambassadors of contemporary Greek painting
Melbourne, Hellenic Museum
Curator: Ministry of Tourism

35 years of Democracy
ATHENS, Zappeion Mansion
Curator: Takis Mavrotas

Small paintings 2009
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis gallery
A small tale in pencil 


Dream and Memory
THESSALONIKI, Kalfayan gallery

WIih the lens towards the Cyclades
ATHENS, Museum of Cycladic art
Curator: Takis Mavrotas / Catalogue

Light waves
ATHENS, Kalfayan gallery

Praise of the olive tree
ATHENS, Academy of Athens


Small paintings 2002
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis gallery
Flames rising and multiplying  

Art Paris Art Fair 2002
PARIS, Carousel du Louvre, Zoumboulakis Gallery
The inner light comes out 


Small painting 2001
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis gallery
Black Faced light 


Classical memories in Contemporary Greek Art 
NEW YORK, Onassis Cultural Center
Curatorship: National Gallery of Greece / Catalogue

Small paintings 2000
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis gallery
Illuminating black squares 

Olive Tree
PREVEZA, Aktia Nicopolis Foundation
Curator: Louiza Karapidakis / Catalogue


Small paintings 1999
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis gallery
The moon phases

Approaches to Greekness 
ATHENS, Municipality Gallery of Athens
STOCKHOLM, Hellenic Cultural Center
FALUN, Dalarna Museum
LUXEMBURG, Château Vianden
Curator: Nelli Kuriazi / Catalogue

Reference to the city 
IOANNINA, Byzantine Museum
Ministry of Culture – Center of Tradition & Cultrural Research / Catalogue

The Olive tree in the past and in the present
ANDROS, P. & M. Kydoniefs Foundation
In the context of the International Conference for the Olive Tree
Curator: Ahtina Schina

Greek pariticipation Al Sarza  (Oman)
International Biennale of Arts
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commissary: Athina Schina


Small paintings 1998
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis Gallery
Common Memory

Contemporary Greek Art – Three Generations 
TEL AVIV, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
ATHENS, National Gallery
Curator: M. Lambraki – Plaka, Mordechai Omer / catalogue

Cores of the sight 
LARISA, Cultural Center of Contemporary art
BRYSSELS, House of the European Union
Presidency of Greece  / January – June ’98
Curator: Athina Schina / Catalogue


Ivory beds of Philippe 
VERGINA, Museum of the Royal tombs of Heges

Ek Vatheon
Curator: Charis Savvopoulos / illustrated leaflet

Teachers and Students
ATHENS, Astrolavos gallery
Thessaloniki, Metamorfosi gallery
Curator: Manos Stefanidis / catalogue


Small paintings 1996
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis gallery

Tribute to Perikles Pantazis 
METSOVO, Averof Gallery
Curator: ‘Olga Mentzafou / Catalogue

10 visual artists for the Medecins sans Frontiers 
ATHENS, Melina Merkouri Cultural Center

At Chania 
CHANIA, Firka Fortress
Curator: Tzamia – Krystalla gallery / Illustrated leaflet


Small paintings 1995
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis gallery

Tribute to Greco
ATHENS, National Gallery
Curator: Marina Lambraki – Plaka

Noble metals
ATHENS, New Forms art space
Curator, texts: Giannis Kontos

Summer in the Mediterranean 
TIRANA, National Gallery
Curatorship: Zoumboulakis Gallery

Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain 1995
PARIS, F.I.A.C. / Zoumboulakis Gallery
2nd participation in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art


Exercises in Homeland knowledge 
CORFU, National Gallery
Curator: Manos Stefanidis / Catalogue

Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain 1994
PARIS, F.I.A.C. / Zoumboulakis gallery
1st participation in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Small paintings 1994
ATHENS, Zoumboulakis gallery


13th Mediterranean Biennale 
NICE (France), Palais des Expositions Nice Acropolis
Mediterranean Union for Modern Art
Award of the city of Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Greek Spring
ATHENS, Artigraf
Curators: Stratis Gounaris, Giannis Karteris

The Tree
METSOVO, Averof Gallery
Curator: Giannis Kolokotronis / catalogue

25th International Festival of Painting (in honour of the  award winners)
CAGNES-SUR-MER (France), Château de Cagnes
Ministry of Culture / Catalogue / texts: M. Lambraki – Plaka


24th International Festival of Painting 
CAGNES-SUR-MER (France), Château de Cagnes
Ministry of Culture / Commissary: Irene Florou / catalogue
Grand Prix

For the honor 
ATHENS, Cultural Center ORA
tribute to ORA Gallery and Ashantour Baharian

Contemporary Greek Creators
DELPHI, European Cultural Center
Curatorship: Pierides Gallery


Commun Dreams 
ATHENS, House of Cyprus
Black Box – Memory safe
Catalogue / Texts: Kostis Papagiorgis


Four painters for four poets
ATHENS, 24 art space
Curator: Michel Fais, Elisavet Sakareli


10 young painters 
THESSALONIKI, Terracotta art space
Curator: Manos Stefanidis / Catalogue

Graduates of the School of Fine Arts 
ATHENS, Athens Conservatory
Curatorship / Catalogues: School of Fine Arts


Painting for a table 
ATHENS, Municipality Gallery
Curator: Manos Stefanidis / Catalogue

ATHENS, Municipality Center Freedom Park 

Art exhibition for Avgi Newspaper  
ATHENS, University of Athens Cultural Center


150 years Athens School of Fine Arts 
HYDRA, Tobazis Mansion
Curator: Panagiotis Tetsis


Eros & Peace 
FLORENCE: Basilica di Santo Spirito
Curator: prof. G. Markou


International Conference of Art Critics ( A.I.C.A.)
DELPHI, European Cultural Center
Curator: Athens School of Fine Arts


Exhibition of the painters from Agrinio
AGRINIO, Center of Visual Arts
Curator: Kostas Papantoniou